For a while now, I share my links on nonprofit technology with a small group of subscribers. I don't think the field is big enough for a large list. 

The only reason why I still do it, is to keep a schedule: over the course of the day, I come across great information, that would be worth sharing, but I also need to be selective and narrow the long list of things down to four. 

How do I collect links?

  • I use Feedly for my reading
  • Pinboard for my bookmarking. Pinboard allows me to add my comment to each link which helps when putting it together into a newsletter sent out via email.
  • For sending I use Mailchimp RSS Feed Campaigns. 

"Consistency is Key" — @bph

Animated Gif of #nptechdaily newsletter

We also include a list of our latest podcast episodes at the end of the email. 

Episode #20: Donor Data Privacy

Thank you to our sponsors

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So ShortCodes seem to work. I wonder if the plugin developer has to do anything to make it 'em work again. 

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