Recently discovered Slideshare Clipboards. You can clip single slides from other people’s presentations, organize them in private and public clipboards and add a comment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.31.32 AM

Once there was a clip created, it shows a note on top, how many people clipped it, with a link to the list:

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.31.03 AM


It’s very, very basic.

The comment section doesn’t have any formatting and your can’t do any sharing with the single clip, which is disappointing. I can see various use cases why this would be beneficial to presentation authors as well as bloggers and curators. It actually could be the beginning of the best curation tool, as it has proper attribution built in and preserves larger context. If I only were able to use a single clips links and embed it some place. << daydreaming/>>

You can share your public clipboards: Here is the link of my NPTechProjects board, I started today.

Slideshare oEmbed works very well for Presentations, and I use it all the time. But does it also work for Clipboards?

If you see the bare url above – oEmbed doesn’t work. If you see some form of information is works now… At time of writing 7/24/ it wouldn’t work.

Well the display on the Twitterverse isn’t too bad… But it adds a name, the title and shows the newest added clic.

Here is the Facebook display of the Clipboard’s link

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.11.22 AM

Summary: Slidehare Clipboard is a genius idea with a very bad execution.

Problems Slideshare Clipboard could solve?

  • Fragmentation of content distribution over multiple social networks,
  • Missing attribution – most of the times people just make a screenshot of a slide and publish it.
  • Great repurposing of content, any slide could be inspiration for the next blog post.
  • Excellent curation from various sources. oEmbed for WordPress allows you to keep your curation on your own blog. No more Storify assembly. has fabulous search engine optimization. Upload your presentation and you will see there are a lot of views on your presentations.

What’s missing on the Slideshare Clip?

  • Formatting of comment with active linking of URLs
  • Comment to comments
  • Title for comment
  • Single Clip sharing (tweeting, facebooking, at least of LinkedIN)
  • Single Clip embedding (for curation tools and WordPress blogs)

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