Testing 4.9 Part I

We use our beta site to test upcoming releases. Next week Tuesday, WordPress will release its version 4.9. Today, I was able to take a couple hours to look over the upcoming changes. 

New plugin update screen

So nice with square icons in the list. Unfortunately, those icons are gone when looking at the plugins list page. Nice touch, though! 

Scheduling changes for publishing in the Customizer

That's a great idea. In the Holidays are  coming up and having a different hero video might make for a nice change. I just heard about a new service called VideoBlocks by StoryBlocks. Goes well with the Guten-Blocks Theme. They have a 7-day free trial.

So, I scheduled the change for November 25, when the header video changes to Happy Holidays.  

Steps to change Header media on a Schedule.

  • Click on Customizer
  • Click on Header Media
  • Paste the YouTube URL into the text field
  • Use the tool wheel next to Publish button, and an additional panel appears.
  • Use Schedule and set the date to publish your changes
  • Click on "Schedule" blue button
  • Underneath Schedule a Preview Links is created you can use to share with your team or customer. 

Embed a YouTube Playlist in WordPress post

An example on how to embed a YouTube playlist in a WordPress post

Testing Core Media Widget Plugin for Galleries

You can download Core Media Widget from the Repository

While the audio, video and single image widget section was already merged into Core with 4.8 – The Gallery widget is slated to be merged into core for the 4.9 release.

If you test it, please report any issues on GitHub

Sarah Gooding tested things and posted an article on WPTavern

We did our own test on this site. I really like it:-) It also shows, that you need to be consistent when uploading images to your library. The Widget displays the caption section for the image underneath the image, and it looks much nicer if you fill out the caption field for all images to be displayed in the Widget.

How to use the Gallery Widget?

  • Got to Appearance > Widget
  • Click on Galllery widget and select the widget section
  • Give the widget a Title
  • Click on “Add Media” to select the respective images from the Media Library
  • Make adjustments to other settings, like column number and type of display
  • Click on “Insert Gallery” button
  • Preview in Gallery Widget admin screen
  • Click on Save

Note: You might see in the video that the desired number of columns is set to 2, however, the display in the widget admin screen shows 3 columns. That is a known issue and already in the issue tracker as #190


Consistency is key. Habit forming approach helps with that.

For a while now, I share my links on nonprofit technology with a small group of subscribers. I don't think the field is big enough for a large list. 

The only reason why I still do it, is to keep a schedule: over the course of the day, I come across great information, that would be worth sharing, but I also need to be selective and narrow the long list of things down to four. 

How do I collect links?

  • I use Feedly for my reading
  • Pinboard for my bookmarking. Pinboard allows me to add my comment to each link which helps when putting it together into a newsletter sent out via email.
  • For sending I use Mailchimp RSS Feed Campaigns. 

"Consistency is Key" — @bph

Animated Gif of #nptechdaily newsletter

We also include a list of our latest podcast episodes at the end of the email. 

Episode #20: Donor Data Privacy

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So ShortCodes seem to work. I wonder if the plugin developer has to do anything to make it 'em work again.