Four most exciting presentations at WordCamp Europe

WordPress Gutenberg

Learn more about the new editor Gutenberg. It’s a major shift from the current editor. Revealed at WordCamp Europe it has received already 3 updates and it now in 0.5.0 You can find a collection of resources and blog posts on Storify And I created this post in the Gutenberg editor 0.5.0.

Three Kinds of Design

John Maeda talked about the Three Kinds of Design. He used his Design Tech Report 2017 PDF as prompts on screen, which was interesting. You can read his Design Tech Report here. You can also listen to the report via Vimeo.
Listen to John Maeda explains how WordPress actually produces Computational Designers. It’s in this video close to the end:
I particularly was fascinated by Maeda’s remarks about China. Listen to him yourself. Especially how Chinese people use their smarphones.

CSS Grid – Creating Web Layouts the right way! Finally.

CSS Grid is finally here. I had given up on ever getting into the nitty-gritty of Cascading Styles sheets. Our designer-developer is so proficient in it, that I was able to delegate that part since 2006 or so. Wholeheartedly agree with Morten, when he says “Web Layouts are broken. We just refined how we break them.”

Need and example?

Layout files like this are not uncommon. They are almost a badge of honor. Right?
Here is a little excerpt from the slide-deck
For everyone who wants to really dive into the talk and see Morten go to all of his 106 slides, watch it on WordPress.TV
Well worth your time! 

Cathedral and Bazaar

How do we build Community? Like we build open-source. Eric Raymond, wrote about his time at Linux – the open-source operating system, in his book Cathedral and Bazaar.
  1. With many eyes, all bugs are shallow.
  2. Release early, release often.
  3. Scratching a personal itch
  4. Egoless participation.

Five Good Faith Rules

  1. The group is for the benefit of the community, not specific businesses or individuals. (egoless participation)
  2. Membership is open to anyone. (many eyes, and also modeling that open bazaar concept)
  3. Everything is volunteer-based; speakers or organizers are not paid. (egoless participation)
  4. Anyone can organize an event. (many eyes, release early/often, “personal itch,” egoless participation, and also the open bazaar.)
  5. The community works together to make a welcoming environment, and discriminatory behavior is not accepted. (many eyes)
Andrea Middleton’s talk is now on
Andrea Middleton: How WordPress Communities are built – WordCamp Europe 2017

…. and then I attended a WordCamp

Paris #3

Hot afternoon walking in Paris on our way to Sacre Coeur.

Before we started the ascend on the stairs we needed to cool off and also grab a few bottle of waters for hydration. The grocery shop was packed with people on their own daily grocery chore and with tourist, like us ready to melt. 

As for Gutenberg. We are writing on Version 0.3.0 – if you want to learn more about the updates WPTavern has the news for you. BTW just adding a url to the editor doesn't work anymore, we need to embed the url via the + sign. 

Gutenberg 0.3.0 Adds Front-End Styles for Core Blocks, Notices Framework, and Text and Image Quick Inserts

And that works like a charm. 

says Birgit Pauli-Haack

Gif uploads and insert works as well, in the right size for the content. The original recording size width was 1600+ 
I remembered where I found the Categories and tagged it with #GutenbergChallenge – I am up now 3 posts this week. I'd rather do small things every day before I do one big thing a week. 

That's it for today. Tata

Paris #2

So, the Instagram embed worked somewhat. Let's try it again because I forget to get a screenshot of the "Sorry message" 

Got it now. To reproduce: Click on Insert > use Embed Tab > Scroll to Instagram and select it. Grab the photos Instagram Url from the other window and paste it in the form. 

A Bear with Angels greeted us outside the Gare du Nord in Paris. Later that day, while waiting for our family, I learned more about the artist Richard Texier from his Wikipedia page.

By the way, seems I found the Drop Cap Settings in Gutenberg. Nifty.

Paris #1

We arrived by train from Brussels after our flight across the Atlantic. Gare de L’Est has change quite a bit since 1994. What hasn’t changed is that they don’t announce the platform where trains arrive and leave until 20 minute before scheduled time. So you hang out near the big boards for a while. So, I planned to embed my Instagram photo from this URL above I just got a note “Sorry, we could not embed that content” Maybe that changes, when I hit publish? I like how I can change the gallery settings for the blog above… 🙂 Let see what happens when I publish. Hitting it now. And the pix showed after publishing. Above error message only appear when looking at it through Gutenberg Editor

Testing Mastodon Embeds

The plugin is available in the WordPress Repository

Mastodon Embed

Use issue tracker on its Github repository: 

[mastodon url=”″][/mastodon]

[mastodon url=”″][/mastodon]

It doesn’t work here because the site is not on HTTPS yet.
It works here: