Paris #3

Hot afternoon walking in Paris on our way to Sacre Coeur.

Before we started the ascend on the stairs we needed to cool off and also grab a few bottle of waters for hydration. The grocery shop was packed with people on their own daily grocery chore and with tourist, like us ready to melt. 

As for Gutenberg. We are writing on Version 0.3.0 – if you want to learn more about the updates WPTavern has the news for you. BTW just adding a url to the editor doesn't work anymore, we need to embed the url via the + sign. 

Gutenberg 0.3.0 Adds Front-End Styles for Core Blocks, Notices Framework, and Text and Image Quick Inserts

And that works like a charm. 

says Birgit Pauli-Haack

Gif uploads and insert works as well, in the right size for the content. The original recording size width was 1600+ 
I remembered where I found the Categories and tagged it with #GutenbergChallenge – I am up now 3 posts this week. I'd rather do small things every day before I do one big thing a week. 

That's it for today. Tata

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