Testing 4.9 Part I

We use our beta site to test upcoming releases. Next week Tuesday, WordPress will release its version 4.9. Today, I was able to take a couple hours to look over the upcoming changes. 

New plugin update screen

So nice with square icons in the list. Unfortunately, those icons are gone when looking at the plugins list page. Nice touch, though! 

Scheduling changes for publishing in the Customizer

That's a great idea. In the Holidays are  coming up and having a different hero video might make for a nice change. I just heard about a new service called VideoBlocks by StoryBlocks. Goes well with the Guten-Blocks Theme. They have a 7-day free trial.

So, I scheduled the change for November 25, when the header video changes to Happy Holidays.  

Steps to change Header media on a Schedule.

  • Click on Customizer
  • Click on Header Media
  • Paste the YouTube URL into the text field
  • Use the tool wheel next to Publish button, and an additional panel appears.
  • Use Schedule and set the date to publish your changes
  • Click on "Schedule" blue button
  • Underneath Schedule a Preview Links is created you can use to share with your team or customer. 

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