The fully used Editor screen

Now, with that in place I can write really long sentences and they still fit into one line in the editor, and I don’t stop typing until I get to the end of the line and then I can still continue to write and have a total nice writing space on Gutenberg editor. My Toolbar is on top can I don’t see any other blocks etc.

What’s the purpose of a Cover Image Block?

“You can use it for quotes.“– Sunny
You can use it for Shout-outs
You can us it to illustrate a point. 
You can make it a call to action 


  1.  ordered list
  2. .

 edit-post-visual-editor .editor-post-title__block,
.edit-post-visual-editor .editor-block-list__block
max-width: 1024px;

We can just keep on going, and writing, writing, writing until the end of time. It’s all nonsense, but now I can don’t have to scroll so much when I am composing my post. What also doesn’t work any more is the WYSIWYG as my front end is only half the size of my screen, but that doesn’t matter. The text adopts to screen size. 

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